Turantula: The large spiders who hunt without a web


Scorpion: The armoured aracnids of the desert.

Who is deadliest

Turantula Scorpion
Weapons: Large Fangs

Weapons: Large pinchers and Stinger

: Is quite agile and fast Other Traits: Has a thick exoskeleton
Advantages over opponent: Is faster and more agile than the scorpion. Advantages over opponent: Is better protected, has more weapons to fight with
Tarantula, Attacking Position, Photo by Sascha Grabow
Asian forest scorpion in Khao Yai National Park

Who. Is. Deadliest?

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A scorpion is feasting on the body of a cricket it has just caught. A turantula is sneaking through the undergrowth, looking for prey, when it feels the vibrations of the scorpion tearing into its prey. Is slowly, leg by leg, inches over to the scorpion untill it is at the side of it. It readies itself before leaping into the air. However its aim is off and instead of landing on the scorpion, as it planned, it lands right next to it, alerting the scorpion to its presence. The armoured arachnid slams it tail down at the turantula but it side steps the attack and strikes the scorpion with its large fangs, scraping the armour. The scorpion grabs on of the turantula's legs and slices it off but it hardley fazes the spider who runs around to the other side of scorpion and digs its fangs into the scorpions back. Unfortunatly the fangs do not prenetrate all the way into the flesh of the scorpion, instead getting stuck in the armour, leaving the turantula vunrable. The scorpion takes its chance and slams its tinger into the turantulas unprotected back. The turantula tries to squim free but the scorpion is having none of it and crushes the spiders head with its pinchers. The turantula stops moving and the scorpion yanks it out of its armour. It lays the turantula on the ground and begins feasting on its body.

Winner Scorpion

Experts opinion

The scorpion won due to its armour which stopped the turantula from killing it and its multitude of weapons which made short work of the turantula.

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