Moray Eel: The predator eel which hides in the coral reef and strikes from the Shadows.


Snakehead: The fresh water fish that is so vicious it has been nicknamed Fishzilla

Who is Deadliest

Moray Eel Snakehead
Weapons: Sharp Teeth Weapons: Sharp Teeth
Other Traits: is flexable and can fit into many small gaps Other Traits: Is extreamly aggressive, can move and breathe out of water for 4 days.
Advantages over opponent: Is bigger, because it is very flexable it can dodge attacks easier. Advantages over Opponent: Is more aggressive than the eel, can leave the water and return later.
Moray eel
Snakehead profile

Who. Is. Deadliest?

The poll was created at 18:06 on October 25, 2011, and so far 8 people voted.


A Moray Eel is swimming in a tank in an aquarium somewhere in the USA. A man walks into the room, holding a smaller tank with a blanket over it, a lays it down next to the eel's tank. He then exits the room, leaving the eel and the blanketed tank in the room together. Slowly the blanket slides off revealing a large Snakehead thrashing about in the tank. It pushes the lid off of its enclosure and slowly wriggles out, landing with a plop on the tiled floor. It slowly crawls towards the eel enclosure and begins its acesion up the side of the tank, miraculaousy managing to stick to the wall. It reaches the top of the tank and slides into the pool with a splash, alerting the eel to its presence. The eel sizes up the Snakehead before slinking away into the coral behind it. The snakehead make a beeline for the torn remains of the eel's latest lunch, which is floating right next to the hiding eel. It takes a bite out of the fish and the eel lunges out from its hiding place, grabbing the snakehead's tail in its jaws. The Snakehead jerks violently and swings its head around, latching onto the middle of the eel. The moray releashes its grip on the snakehead's tail but the snakehead continues tearing into the morays mid section. The moray swings it head around and digs its teeth into the snakehead's head, shaking it about. The fresh water fish tries to break free but the eel's grasp is too strong and it soon lies dead in the tank.

2 hours later

The man returns to the room and finds the snakehead missing and he franticly looks for here it has gotten too. He peers into the tank and sees the shredded remains of the so called Fishzilla amongst the coral reef, the moray eel nibbling on its head.

Winner Moray Eel

Experts Opinion

The eel's larger size was what won it the day which the snakehead's aggressivness coulden't compete with.

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