King Cobra: The largest posionus snake in the world who can stare a full grown man in the eye


Nile Moniter: The vicious river moniters that dares to activly stalk and kill baby crocodiles.

Who is deadliest

Nile Moniter King Cobra
Weapons: Powerful jaws and sharp claws Weapons: Fangs, Venom
Other Traits: Has powerful legs, is an excellent climber and swimmer. Other Traits: Is resistent to snake posion, can lift 2/3rds of its body off the ground.
Advantages over Opponent: Is faster more agile, has more ways to attack.

Advantages over opponent: Is longer, can strike faster, doesn't need to get a direct hit to kill because of its venom.

Nile Monitor, Lake Manyara

Who. Is. Deadliest?

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A king cobra slinks silently through the under growth on the trail of a mouse. Nearby a Nile Moniter is resting by the side of the river, basking in the afternoon sun. The snake slithers down to the side of the river and sips up some water before carrying on its search for prey. It spots the nile moniter and decides that it is a much more nutritious prey than a mouse and raises its self up into the air, untill it is mere centimetres away from the sleeping lizard. Suddenly a crashing sounds from the bushes and the nile moniter's eyes flick open and it comes face to face with the cobra. It leaps back, just about managing to dodge the lightning fast strike of the cobra. It jumps forward and digs its claws into the cobra's soft underbelly, slamming them both into the ground. The cobra wraps its coils around the moniter and squeezes it untill it releases its grip on the snakes body. It then repeatedly drives its fangs into the moniters torso but its thick skin coupled by the weakness of the strikes fail to prenertrate the moniters skin. The moniter lunges forward and grabs the snake by the hood, ripping out a large chunk. It then grabs the cobra by the neck and shakes it about, stunning the snake and giving the moniter enough time to rip off it's head.

The moniter swallows the head and looks over the body of the snake. It stores it in a tree before returning to his sun bathing spot and going into a deep sleep once again.

Winner Nile Moniter

Experts Opinion

The nile moniter's more versatility won him the day. As he could attack with both his claws and teeth he had the advantage over the cobra and his thick skin prevented the cobra from doing any real damage.