Honey Badger: The vicious beast that is well known for its bravery


Mandrill: The old world monkey with a nasty bite.

Who is deadliest

Mandrill Honey Badger
Weapons: Large canine teeth and hands Weapons: Sharp teeth and Claws
Other skills: Is quite Intelliegent Other Skills: Is extreamly aggressive and almost fearless
Advantages over opponent: Is bigger, is far smarter and more dexterous. Advantages over opponent: Is more aggressive, is used to facing creatures bigger than the madrill
Honey badger

Who. Is. Deadliest?

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A lone honey badger is on the prowl, looking for food. He come across a group of Mandrills who have killed a gazelle and are preparing to eat it. The honey badger growls and charges at the troop, baring his teeth in a sign of aggression. A large male comes to defend his troop and picks up a nearby rock and throws it at the honey badger, hitting it on the nose. The badger growls even louder and lunges at the mandrill, its teeth just missing the monkey's arm. The male madrill also lunges forward in a mock strike but as he does the badger snaps forward and grabs the madrill by the arm, digging his teeth in. The Mandrill screams in pain and grabs the badgers neck with his free arm and starts to tug and pull at it's neck fat but to no avail. He then opens his mouth and clamps it down on the badgers left shoulder bone. The badger is forced to let go as the large canine teeth of the primate dig into it's nerves.

The mandrill clutches his injured arm with his good hand and slinks away into the bushes. The badger makes it's way to the carcess of the gazelle and begins to feed off it. The rest of the mandrill troop back away and wait untill the badger is satisfied and has dissapeared into the undergrowth before tenteivly making thier way back over to the carcess.

Winner Honey Badger

Experts Opinion

The Badger's agressiveness and experiance fighting larger foes meant it made short work of the Mandrill.

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