Gray wolf: North americas fierce pack hunters


Spotted hyena: Africa's most misunderstood hunter.

Who is deadliest

Spotted Hyena Gray Wolf
Weapons: Powerful bite force Weapons: Sharp teeth
Advantages over opponent: Works better in a pack that the wolf, has a more powerful bite.

Advantages over opponent: Is on average bigger that the hyena


Who. Is. Deadliest?

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4 wolves have brought down a zebra and are tearing into the horses body, before any other predators appear to take thier prey. Right on que the local hyenas show up and run, cackeling, at the wolves. The wolves turn to face thier opponents and growls aggressivly. One of them, a youngster, lunges forward and grabs one of the hyenas throats and drags it across the ground. The hyena squels in pain and one of its fellow pack members grabs the young wolf by the neck and shakes it around untill it goes limp. (4-3)

The wolves immediatly jump on the hyena that killed the other wolf and tear him to pieces. (3-3)

The other two hyenas go to assist thier pack member and charge into the wolves, knocking one of them over. The lead hyena clamps her jaw around the wolf's neck and crushes its windpipe with its powerful jaws. (3-2)

The two remaining wolves turn on the lead hyena and but are blocked off by the two males. The lunge for each other and get into a vicious fight. The wolves press thier size advantage and manage to cause enough injury to one of the hyenas to leave it dying on the floor. (2-2)

The other males is attacked by the alpha male while the alpha female goes for the head hyena. The female hyena dodges an attack from the female and sinks her teeth into her thigh, causing massive internal bleeding and badly crippling the wolf. She then snaps the wolf's neck with her powerful jaws. (2-1)

Meanwhile the male hyena is struggling with the alpha wolf. Despite his powerful jaws the wolf's size and speed are too much for the hyena to handle and he is soon pinned down by the wolf. Just as it is about to take a bite out of the hyena's neck the female hyena grabs it by the scruff of the neck and throws it off the male hyena, sending it sprawling in the dust. The wolf gets to its feet and growls angrily but soon realises he is outnumbered. Turning around, he runs off into the long grass, his tail between his legs in submission. The hyenas cackle in victory and begin feasting on the carcess.

Winner Spotted Hyena

Experts opinion

The hyenas won because they worked better in a pack which was vital in this matchup.

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