aka That British Guy

  • I live in England
  • I was born on June 18
  • My occupation is Angry African Apple Picker
  • I am Male
  • Wassboss

    Bigfoot: The elusive ape, who hides away from humanity in the north american forrest's


    Mothman:The alien Creature that stalked the town of Point Plesant followed by the collapse of the Silverbridge.

    Who is deadliest

    Bigfpot Mothman

    Weapons: Bare hands, throwing boulders, sharp canines. Weapons: Has a screech which causes nausia in victim.
    Other Traits: Is very strong, very stealthy, has gorrilla like intelligence. Other Traits: Can fly at super sonic speeds, it's mere precence strikes fear into opponents.
    Advantages over Opponent: Is smarter and stealthier than mothman. Advantages over Opponent: Can escape from bigfoot easier than bigfoot can escape from it, is faster than bigfoot.



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  • Wassboss

    Bigfoot: The elusive ape, who hides away from humanity in the north american forrests.


    Chupacabra: The vampire like creature, which sucks out the blood of its victims.

    Who is deadliest

    Bigfoot Chupacabra
    Weapons: Bare hands, throwing boulders Weapons: Sharp teeth and claws, spikes on back.
    Other Traits: Is very strong, very stealthy, has gorrilla like intelligence. Other Traits: Can jump up to 20 feet in one bound, is very agile and quick.
    Advantages over Opponent: Is bigger, stronger and smarter than it's opponenet, is much more stealthy. Advantages over Opponent: Outnumber bigfoot 2-1, claws and teeth are more dangerous than bare hands.

    A bigfoot is walking through the forrests of north america, looking for food. Suddenly the wiff of a freshl…

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  • Wassboss

    American Alligator: America's Biggest Baddest Crocodillian who prowls the waters ways of florida.


    Bull Shark: The Mean Munching Machine which fersome nature inspired the movie Jaws.

    Who Is Deadliest

    American Alligator Bull Shark:
    Weapons: Has the most powerful bite force of any amimal in the world, shrap teeth Weapons: Has powerful jaws filled with razor shark teeth and a bite force of 567kgs (1,250lbs)
    Other Traits: Has thick armour on its back and sides, is an excellent swimmer, uses a technique called the death roll. Other Traits: Is very fast and mobile in the water, can live in both salt and fresh water.
    Advantages over Opponent: Can leave and reenter the water as it pleases, is heavier and more aggressive than the Bull Shark. Advantages …

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  • Wassboss

    Leopard vs Couger

    December 7, 2011 by Wassboss

    Leopard: Africa's most elusive big cat who can drag 3 times thier own body weight up into a tree


    Couger: North amerca's largest native species who has over 40 different names

    Couger Leopard
    Weapons: Sharp claws and teeth Weapons: Sharp claws and teeth
    Other Traits: Is an excellent climber, can jump a distance of 7 feet Other Traits: Is an excellent climber and is suprisingly strong for it's size.
    Advantages over opponent: Is heavier and faster, hunts sligthly bigger prey.

    Advantages over opponent: Is taller and stronger than the couger, is better camoflarged.


    A couger prowls the plains of africa, looking for some prey. Up in the trees above a male leopard watchs the couger tenetivley. Seeing the couger as a threat the leopard drops out of…

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  • Wassboss

    King Cobra vs Nile Moniter

    November 8, 2011 by Wassboss

    King Cobra: The largest posionus snake in the world who can stare a full grown man in the eye


    Nile Moniter: The vicious river moniters that dares to activly stalk and kill baby crocodiles.

    Who is deadliest

    Nile Moniter King Cobra
    Weapons: Powerful jaws and sharp claws Weapons: Fangs, Venom
    Other Traits: Has powerful legs, is an excellent climber and swimmer. Other Traits: Is resistent to snake posion, can lift 2/3rds of its body off the ground.
    Advantages over Opponent: Is faster more agile, has more ways to attack.

    Advantages over opponent: Is longer, can strike faster, doesn't need to get a direct hit to kill because of its venom.

    A king cobra slinks silently through the under growth on the trail of a mouse. Nearby a Nile Moniter is resting by…

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