Honey badger: The beast well known for bravery


Mongoose: The snake killing animal


Honey badger Type Mongoose
Sharp teeth and claws Weapons Strong maw and thin nails
Bigger animals Diet snakes
Agressiveness defence good coat
nearly fearless Other skills Easly killing snakes
Africa Lives Carabbean
Honey Badger doesn't give a crap! edge Freakin' kills snakes!

Honey badger
250px-Serengeti Mongoose

A type of mongoose


A honey badger is wondering around when he sees a Mongoose killing a snake. The honey badger runs over and bites the mongooses leg. A group of mongooses come from some weeds.

M: 5 HB: 1

A mongoose bites the honey badger, but he doesn't care. The badger wacks the mongoose and bites him, killing him.

M: 4

The Mongoose with the injure leg lunges at the badger and scratches him. The honey badger leads the mongoose into a nest of bees. The mongoose gets stung by a ton of bees and falls nearly dying. The honey badger runs over to another mogoose and bites a hole into its neck.

M: 3

The near dead mongoose gets up but collapses and dies.

M: 2

The honey badger looks for one of the mongooses and doesn't see it hiding. The mongoose jumps out and claws him. The badger slashes the mongoose and walks off.

M: 1

The last mongoose jumps out and slaps the badger hard and bites his back. The badger falls and wrestles with the mongoose. The mongoose bits the honey badger's leg and runs. The badger slowley gets up and looks for the mongoose, who is hiding behind a dead lion. The badger walks near the lion and the mongoose jumps on him scratching and biting. The badger counter attacks by pinning him and ripping a leg off the mongoose.

M: 0

The honey badger walks over to the nest of bees and digs for larva.

Winner: HB

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