The Honey Badger the fast fearless and furious and brutal mammal, known for its extremely thick hide, capable of resisting a primitive arrow! Vs the Wolverine the tough brutal beast! the great survivalist of the forst, known for its ability to defeat Cougers! WHO IS DEADLIEST!

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Wolverine on the hunt.

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Honey Badger on the prowl.

Honey Badger
Weapons Claws Teeth. Size&Diet Height 23-28 cm. Length 68-79 cm. Weight 26-35 lb. Diet pretty much anything it can kill in Africa, (though it has been shown to be capable of killing things it does not hunt).
Basic facts about its combat capibilities It is a versital, intelligent agressive and capable predator. The Honey Badger has been shown to be very smart, it has been shown to use tools. It is extremely agressive. It is fearless has never been shown to back down from a fight. Has scared off Lions, killed younger Lions, and killed Cheetahs. Has extremely sharp claws and teeth. It has been shown to trval 40 killometers a day. But its most notable fact, is that its body is completetly designed for combat. It has a fairly long body, but its thick set and broad across the back. its skin is remarkably loose allowing for twists and turns freely with in. The skin around the neck is 6 milometers thick, an adaption to fighting conspefifics. The head is small and flat with a short muzzle, the eyes are small and the ears are little more then ridges around the skin. Another adaption to avoid damege in a fight. The Honey badger has short and sturdry legs with 5 toes on each foot. Each tow is armed with extremely sharp claws. They are short and the hindlegs, and long on the forelimbs. it is partly plantigradea animal who's soles are thickly padded up to the wrists.
Advantages. Its main advantage will be that, while the Wolverine is bigger, it will have a thicker hide and a body design that's perfect for taking hits in a fight. This will force the Wolverine to have to both get through its defense then get through its hide, which given that the Honey Badgers hide is thick enough to resist primitive arrow. (That information came from user Richard tsrakey, who happens to be a expert on Badgers). Aside from that its equally intelligent, which isn't really a advantage. Its high agressivness will be a advantage. Also its will.

Weapons Sharp Calws and Teeth. Size&Diet Weight 24-40 lbs. Head and Body 26-34. Its diet is Beavers, Wolves, Rabbits, Elk, and much much more. Pretty much anything it can kill in its enviorment. The fact of the matter is, is that it is probably the deadliest predator in its enviorment.
Basic facts about its combat capibilities. It is a powerful versital and capable predator and scavenger. The Wolverine is a extremelly combat capable animal. It has been known to kill Polar Bears and Cougers. The Wolverine is a stocky muscular animal. It has short legs rounded head, small eyes with rounded ears. While this is mainly to protect it from the snow, it would also be useful for protection in a fight. The Wolverine has been shown to fight off entire packs of Wolves. That is one tough animal.It's musky odor(More info on that below) can easily confuse a Honey badger, making it hard to concentrate and it can slightly burns it's eyes and nose. Another capabillity thw Wolverine has is it's ability to climb trees, quite similar to a bear. It's also cappable of taking down bigger prey then the Honey badger, including Moose, Elk, and Caribou. the wolverine also has longer teeth and sharper claws then that of the Honey Badger, and has been known to take on larger predators
Advantages The Wolverines main advantage, is that it is quit bigger then the Badger. It should be able to get on top of it and supprese it. Other then that it doesn't have much advantages, except having slightly sharper claws. It is equally intelligent to the Badger which is not much of a advantage. It also features a Musky odor similar to a skunk, making it hard for it's opponent to concentrate. It is the largest terrestrial Mustelid. It's build more over resembles a bear then the rest of the Mustelid family. The Wolverine also can survive in cold climates, and it's designed to be able to climb steep, rocky climates. It has a stronger bite force then a Honey badger, able to get to the marrow of a Moose's femur in a single crunch.