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    The Eagle Owl, the biggest Owl as the world, has 2 meter wing span and hunts dear. Vs The Red Tailed Hawk the fast clever and lethal bird.

    Eagle Owl
    Weapons It's Beak and Talons
    Traits The Eagle Owl is a opportunistic hunter. Silent, it looks for a good opportunity to kill t's prey. When it has that opportunity it swoops down on it's prey. Their wings are 2 meters across. It is of common debate if the Eagle Owl is indeed the biggest Owl. Due to the fact that the Blankinston's Fish Owl is slightly heavier on average then the Eagle Owl, and the Great Grey Owl is slightly longer on average.
    Advantages The Eagle Owl's main advantage is that it is bigger then the Red Tailed Hawk. To add to it it is also faster then the Red Tailed Hawk. Whil…

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    The Giant Octopus, the chameleon of the ocean, known to use its camoflauge abilities to hide and then strike at its prey. Vs the Tiger Shark the brutal hunter of the ocean known to eat glass bottles, turtles, fish, paper anything it can find. WHO IS DEADLIEST

    Tiger Shark
    Weapons Razor Sharp teeth. Traits The Tiger shark has been known to be extremely agressive, its the second largest predatory shark in the world. It is known to eat anything it finds including glass bottls. It is fast and has a high hunting instinct. The Tiger shark is huge and has massive durability. Not only is it able to take many hits but its guts are also very strong. Given that it is able to eat glass bottles and many other sharp objects it is clearly one of the mo…

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    The Honey Badger the fast fearless and furious and brutal mammal, known for its extremely thick hide, capable of resisting a primitive arrow! Vs the Wolverine the tough brutal beast! the great survivalist of the forst, known for its ability to defeat Cougers! WHO IS DEADLIEST!

    Honey Badger
    Weapons Claws Teeth. Size&Diet Height 23-28 cm. Length 68-79 cm. Weight 26-35 lb. Diet pretty much anything it can kill in Africa, (though it has been shown to be capable of killing things it does not hunt).
    Basic facts about its combat capibilities It is a versital, intelligent agressive and capable predator. The Honey Badger has been shown to be very smart, it has been shown to use tools. It is extremely agressive. It is fearless has never been shown to…

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    Keep Editing!!!

    January 7, 2012 by Tomahawk23

    As most of you may have realized when one person edits more people do and those people edit more. I was hoping that every active member here can write more battles post comments come up with new ideas for the wiki write articles anything to keep people editing!. Remember when you make a edit other people make edits. And for those of you who I sent messeges well after sending about 5 messeges I decided to just make a blog about it.

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    Reek Vs Yautja Hound

    December 31, 2011 by Tomahawk23

    Reek the massive Dog brutes used as entertainment tools on geonosis Vs The Predator Hound the massive horned fighting and tracking dog used by the Yautja to test their prey WHO IS DEADLIEST

    weapons Its Horns its teeth its head and feet all used as blunt weapons except the teeth
    traits Run in small packs and herds very strong and territorial
    advantage They are Bigger and Stronger then the Yautja Hound

    The Yautja Hound
    weapons several Horns on their head their teeth
    traits Very loyal when taimed very agressive very durable generaly run in packs
    advantage The Horns will be able to keep the Reek at bay and stab into them if they get a good chance

    this will be a 5 on 5 match five Reek Vs 5 Yautja Hounds

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