The One Wolverine, Fearless mustelid of North America, who fight (And mostly beats) animals 10 times it's size Vs. Three Tasmanian Devils, Feisty Marsupials of Tasmania

Who is.... Deadliest?!


Weapons Extremely sharp claws and bonecrushing teeth
Diet Wide range of animals
Size A good bit larger then the devil
X-factors Is extremely fearless and strong, one account of one defeating a polar bear

Tasmanian Devils

Weapons Larger mouth then the wolverine, giving it range
Diet several small animals
Size Much smaller then a wolverine
X-factors It will be a Mother devil and her two male offspring, making her very fearless when protecting her young

200px-Wolverine on rock

The Wolverine

220px-Tasdevil large

Tasmanian Devil


A wolverine had somehow washed up on the shores of Tasmania, after a couple of days he had adapted to his new life on the small island. He noticed a small kangaroo, apparently, the kangaroo didn't notice the wolverine. The wolverine swiftly killed the marsupial with a single crunch of his powerful jaws. As he prepared to devour the carcass, he heard a rustling of the bushes.

A mother tasmanian devil was teaching her two cubs to hunt, they silently emerged from the bushs, surrounding the wolverine. The large mustelid growled ferociously, warning the devils to back off. One of the cubs made an early lunge for the wolverine, but the mustelid caught the devil in mid air with a clawed paw, snapping it's neck.

Wolverine: 1 Tasmanian Devils: 2

The mother slammed hard into the wolverine's side with surprising force, knocking him back, the wolverine retaliated by slashing her across the face, making an ugly scar. The other cub clamped it's jaws around the wolverine's hind legs, the wolverine bit down hard on the back of the devil's spine killing it almost instantly.

Wolverine: 1 Tasmanian Devils: 1

The mother tore into the wolverine, but couldn't match the physical strength of the wolverine. The large mustelid pinned her down by the throat with his jaws and she died with a pitiful whimper

Wolverine: 1 Tasmanian Devils: 0

The wolverine then began feasting on the dead kangaroo and the 3 devils.

Winner Wolverine


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