The Dover Demon! The Alien like creature of Dover, Massachusetts! Vs. The Skunk Ape! The mystical Ape of Florida! Who is.... Deadliest!?

To find out, our experts are testing Nature's most Lethal weapons to decide who will be crowned.... The Deadliest Beast!

Dover Demon

Weapons Teeth, and hands
Diet Unknown
Size Unknown, but smaller then the Skunk ape
X-factors Small and nimble, faster then the Skunk Ape and can fit into smaller spaces

Skunk Ape

Weapons Ape-like Teeth and strength
Diet Unkown
Size Unknown, but larger then the Dover Demon
X-factors Very Ape-like, large and powerful


The Dover Demon

353px-Myakka skunk ape 2

One of the Myakka Photos




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