The Osprey, also known as the fishing eagle Vs. The Barn Owl, the fierce nocturnal hunter

Who is.... Deadliest?!


Weapons Sharp talons, fierce hooked beak

99% fish and rarely small mammals, reptiles, and birds

Size Slightly larger then the barn owl
X-factors More lethal beak then the owl

Barn Owl

Weapons Curved beak and very long razor sharp talons
Diet Small Vermin, occasionally small birds
Size Slightly smaller then the osprey
X-factors Much longer talons then the osprey

Barn Owl

The barn owl swooping down for the kill

220px-Osprey mg 9605

An osprey on it's perch


A barn owl perches on a tree branch, intently watching a woodmouse. The owl silently swoops from it's perch, and time seems to slow as the owl wrapped it's long talons around the mouse. The mouse gave a frightened squeal as it was lifted from the ground. The owl gave it a vicious peck to the back of the neck and the mouse gave one final, pitiful, squeal as it's spinal cord was severed and the life slipped out of the rodent. The owl returned to it's perch to eat it's meal. The fierce cry of hunting eagle echoed through the sky and the owl looked up just in time to see the osprey swooping straight towards him. Before the owl could react, the eagle struck him like a thunderbolt. The owl fell from it's perch in a flurry of feathers, locked in combat with the osprey. The two combatants thudded to the ground, both stunned by the impact, the owl was the first to recover, landing a savage peck on the Osprey's left eye. The eagle stumbled awkwardly and gave a squawk of injured pride as it struggled to regain it's footing. The owl took advantage of this moment and dug it's claws into the eagle's wing, and gave another hard peck to it's shoulder, dislocating it's wing. The osprey gave a screech of rage and rammed into the owl, knocking it off it's feet. It jumped forward, flapping it's good wing, and dug it's talons into both the owl's eyes. The osprey then gave several maddened pecks to the owl's skull, killing it. The eagle screeched in victory, then gave a sqawk of pain as it's wing popped back in place.

Winner: Osprey

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