The Kodiak bear, the largest of all living omnivores Vs. The Polar bear, the largest of all living carnivores

Who is.... Deadliest?!


Weapons Slightly sharper claws and teeth then the polar bear
Diet Mostly berries and salmon, but hunts large game
Size Approximately same as Polar
X-factors Is more aggressive and fearless, plus is faster then the polar, whose feet are made to not slide on ice


Weapons While it has slightly duller teeth and claws, it has a stronger bite force
Diet Has a healthy diet of a predator
Size Approximately same size as Kodiak
X-factors Has better traction with it's feet, and is slightly more muscular then the kodiak

250px-Kodiak Bear at Dog Salmon Creek, USFWS 11389

The kodiak

220px-Polar Bear - Alaska

The Polar


A polar bear had drifted from it's artic home to the coast of alaska, it noticed a kodiak in shallow water catching salmon. The Polar growled, trying to scare the kodiak stood on it's hind legs, expecting the kodiak to flee, to the polar's surprise, the Kodiak lunged and caught the polar on the neck knock both flat.

The polar clawed madly at the kodiak, trying to lighten his grip. The Polar managed to land a blow from his hind leg, making the kodiak let go and gasp for breath. The polar got up and both stood on their hind legs, swing clawed paws at each other. The polar hit the kodiak hard across the face scarring him and sending him staggering.

The polar raised his paw to finish the kodiak, but the injured bear clamped down where the shoulder met the neck followed a sickening crack as the polar's shoulder snapped. The kodiak threw the polar's body across the shallow water. The kodiak then began feasting on the still living polar bear

Winner Kodiak bear


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