The Fossa! The cat like predator who dominates the food chain of Madagascar. Vs. The Ocelot! Small feline from South America, sometimes refered to as the Dwarf Leopard.

Who is..... Deadliest!?


Weapons Semi-Retractable claws and Canine teeth
Diet Vertebrates consumed ranged from reptiles to a wide variety of birds, including both understory and ground birds, and mammals, including insectivores, rodents, and lemurs
Size 28-31 in. long and weighs 12–19 lbs.
X-factors Has slightly thicker skin then the Ocelot


Weapons Teeth and claws similar to a smaller version of a leopard's
Diet mostly small mammals (various rodents), reptiles and amphibians (lizards, turtles and frogs), crab, birds and fish.[11] Almost all of the prey that the ocelot hunts is far smaller than itself, with rodents, rabbits, and opossums forming the largest part of the diet
Size 27-39 in. long (Not counting tail) and weighs 18-40 lbs.
X-factors Is faster then the Fossa


The Fossa


The Ocelot


Deep in the rainforests of South America, a Fossa scavenges this new land for food, not knowing that in turn, something was stalking him. He heard a rustling in the vegetation around him, He stared at the brush and uttered a deep growl.

An Ocelot leaped out from the bush, landing only inches away from the Fossa. It hissed and laid it's ears back, showing it's fearsome teeth. The two predators circled eachother, both looking for a weak spot on it's adverary.

The Ocelot made the first move, it swung it's paw at the Fossa, who jumped back and sunk it's canine teeth into the cat's paw. It yowled in agony, and bit onto the Fossa's ear and jerked it's head back, tearing it's ear right off.

The Fossa gave a wine and released the Ocelot's paw, then tried to get a distance between him and the cat. However, he couldn't match the speed of the Ocelot, who caught him by the neeck and pinned him to the ground.

The Fossa struggled for his life, but couldn't break the poweful grasp of the Ocelot's teeth. The cat gave a final powerful twist, snapping the Fossa's neck.

The Ocelot licked his injured paw, trying to ease the pain.

Winner Ocelot


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