Five African Wild dogs, Ferocious pack hunters of Africa Vs. Five Coyotes, smaller relative of the wolf

Who is..... Deadliest!?

African Wild dogs

Weapons Powerful Bite force
Diet medium-to-large sized ungulates, such as the impala, Thomson's Gazelle, Springbok, kudu, reedbuck, and wildebeest calves
Size Approximately same size as Coyote
X-factors The wild dogs live in more closely knitted packs, being able to work together to bring down large prey


Weapons sharper teeth than Wild dog

They primarily eat small mammals, such as voles, prairie dogs, eastern cottontails, ground squirrels, and mice, though they will eat birds, snakes, lizards, deer, javelina, and livestock, as well as large insects and other large invertebrates

Size Approximately same size as Wild dog
X-factors Are more independent, not relying on each other so much

220px-Coyote by Rebecca Richardson

The coyote

220px-Lycaon pictus -Denver Zoo, Colorado, USA-8a

The African Wild dog


Coyotes: 5

Wild dogs: 5

A pack of five wild dogs were hunting a Gazelle, the alpha female barked out orders and a large male caught the unsuspecting gazelle by the hind leg. The gazelle struggled, kicking out wildly, knowing it was now or never the alpha caught the struggling gazelle by the neck, tackling it to the ground.

Then, the pack was upon it, ripping and tearing at the still living gazelle. The female gave a sharp bark, an order to stop the onslaught. The rest of the pack held their heads low a sign of respect to their leader as she ate.

All of a sudden they heard a series of dark growls, and the female sharply turned her head to see what made the sound. She saw a pack of five coyotes flanking her pack. A hulking male, obviously the leader closed in slowly. The hair stood up on her back as she bared her teeth viciously, warning them to back off.

A fairly big coyote grabbed a young male wild dog, who was on his first hunt, by the scruff and the wild dog gave a high pitched squeal. The female turned her head sharply, this was all the alpha coyote needed, he lunged at the female and chaos erupted between the two packs. The alpha coyote had her pinned to the ground when all of a sudden the same wild dog that caught the gazelle ripped into the coyote, giving the female time to recover. The coyote who had grabbed the young wild dog snapped it's neck with a powerful twist.

Coyotes: 5

Wild dogs: 4

The female recovered and attacked the alpha right when he killed the big male wild dog.

Coyotes: 5

Wild dogs: 3

The female tore into the already injured coyote and killed him with ease.

Coyotes: 4

Wild Dogs: 3

The coyotes fled upon seeing their leader killed, the wild dogs gave chase and managed to kill another coyote.

Coyotes: 3

Wild dogs:3

The wild dogs ate their kill and licked their wounds, all except the female, who threw her head back and howled in victory

Winner: African Wild Dog

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