A battle of the Giants beasts from the Fallout series to see who the deadliset giant mutated animal is.

Giant ants

name attacks & armour
Giant ant mandibles strong enough to snap bones, very plentifull
Giant ant queen very agile, mandibles and can spit acid
fire warrior can breathe fire, mandibles, stinger
Giant soldier ant plentifull and extreemly agressive, if attacked with fire they can explode due to mutation


name attacks & armour
radscorpian high to medium speed, poison stinger and claws attack or defend
giant radscorpian claws, stinger movve faster than normal radscorpians
queen radscorpion HUUUUUGE, not all that quick, claws, stinger
spitting radscorpion High radioactive/acidic spit, claws, stinger


name attacks&armour
cadazor can fly, poison, extreemly quick, stinger
legendary cazador same, greater durability compared to normal
giant cazador samen as normal
specimine 73 same as legendary

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