The Birds: The common birds of the air that turned mad and attacked in vicious swarms to terrorize the citizens of Bodega Bay!

Cujo: The family pet dog bitten by a bat and stricken with a disease that led him to become lethal with rage!

Who, Is, Deadliest?

The Birds

The Birds

The Birds attacking some schoolchildren in a frenzy

Weapons Beaks, sheer overwhelming numbers, ferocious rage
Species A variety of crows, seagulls, sparrows, and a few birds of prey
Size A few pounds in weight, several inches to around a foot in length



Outnumber Cujo 50-1, attack in swarms

Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds



Cujo in all of his rage and anger

Weapons Teeth, claws, a rabies-like disease, ferocious rage
Species St. Bernard
Size 140 lbs., 27 inches at the shoulder



Has a rabies-like disease, is much larger than the birds, disease dulls sense of pain

Stephen King's Cujo


Birds: 50

Cujo: 1 Cujo is running down loose through Bodega Bay. A car swerves down the road and crashes into a fire hydrant, which breaks and fountains in a tall jet steam of water. Cujo is temporarily pacified in mild fear and curiosity. Two hysterical people climb out, slightly injured, and Cujo goes beserk. He leaps at the first person, a man, and bites down on his leg. The man screams in pain and falls to the ground, cuts and scrapes and even gashes already on his face and neck. The woman turns to run but Cujo rips the man's throat out and gives her the same brutally quick treatment.

Suddenly, a flock of birds approaches over the horizon. They're loud, cawing and squawking and trilling and hooting and basically every other bird noise imaginable in a frenzy. Cujo turns and runs into the fray as they approach. He jumps up and grabs one of the birds by the body and takes it down, ripping it in half with his jaws. The birds instantly begin their swarming attack but the enraged dog feels little pain in his dulled senses.

Birds: 49

A hawk, particularly large, comes in with its talons and scratches Cujo across the face, blinding him in one eye. The dog catches the bird's wing in his mouth and rips it off. The dying bird crashes to the pavement and Cujo snatches a smaller seagull and swallows it after chomping it up in his mouth.

Birds: 47

However, the rabid dog is worn down and bleeding severly. He falls down to his side and the rage subsides as the birds continue their relentless assault. Cujo whines pitifully and closes his eyes as the pecks and bites and scratches tear open his stomach and spill his guts on the ground. Cujo dies slowly and his body is a mangled mess before the barely smaller swarm of birds continues down their rampage across Bodega Bay.


Cujo was strong and resistant to pain but the Birds were far too many and there was no way he could kill all of them, especially when they all attacked at once.

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