Giant Rat
Giant Rat


Major cities, mostly in the US


2-3 feet long


Omnivorous, have been known to eat dead, dying, or live humans

Weapons and Traits

Strong bite, sharp claws, intelligent, attack in groups

Battle Status

Will compete in DB Championships

For centuries, rats have lived alongside humans. We have viewed these rodents with both fear and revulsion, and many horror stories have cropped up along the way. Among these stories are rumors that abnormal rats have grown to large sizes, some as big as a housecat.

During World War I, soldiers often found themselves plagued by rats in their trenches. They claimed to have seen giant rats gorging themselves on the dead, and that any who were too injured to move stood a chance of being eaten alive. In modern times, large cities like New York occasionally report giant rats stalking their sewers and backstreets, occasionally attacking passerby.

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